KFT07 Values Based Goal Setting

Vickie Theobald , Oct 29
“ Great goal setting ideas. ”

KFT52-S Video Tips for iPractice Sessions

Kath Blake , Oct 29
“ Why is everything Apple? WE love Android and Canon. ANSWER: I've been an Apple guy for years so you will see that bias in our production. We do have the mobil app for Android and will always support that. ”

QT34 Heart to Heart with Mercy Abraham

Kath Blake , Oct 29
“ You know they say you have 2 ears and one mouth, listening is so important. Listen MORE ”

RL27-1 Fanatical Prospecting: The Difficulty of It by Jeb Blount

Kath Blake , Oct 29
“ Like the do one thing at a time, get in a room by yourself and stand-up for calls ”