You’re too busy to train.
With all you do to run your company, make your life easier by letting David and his faculty train your agents for you. NASCAR doesn’t make tires…they let Goodyear provide them. Airlines don’t build airplanes…they let Boeing do that. There are two things that only you can do however: teach your company services and facilitate agent role plays. We’ll do the rest.
What you get:
Quality content
  • Fresh material: With new videos every month, our content-rich, online monthly videos feature current best practices of top producers and provide insight on their secrets to success.
  • Top producers: Agents from all across the country share their tips on best practices for new and experienced agents. Watch them in actual transactions!
  • Nationally recognized speakers: Our speakers are continually interacting with top brokers; fortunately they share with us some of the current trends and tips to successfully build a lasting practice.
Support Tools
  • Support Materials: A wide variety of relevant downloadable support materials accompanies the videos, including outlines, charts, scripts, dialogs, worksheets and more.
  • Action Plans: This powerful feature allows managers to enroll agents in a clear training path and monitor their progress, holding them accountable.
  • Mobile App: Agents can use the "Knox Training" mobile app to take our videos and Action Plans on the go, letting them watch or listen anywhere and anytime.
Pricing Info & Terms

Our pricing format has two goals: to be reasonable, and to be fair.

We decided upon office size as the objective standard on which to base our prices. We know that not all of your agents will watch and our pricing takes that into account.

1. Pricing is based upon your company or office agent count, not on how many will watch. (Agent counts will be verified by your website and/or REALtrends. Please refer to the terms of use in the footer.)

2. To be fair, we provide mid-level pricing. If your agent count is between levels, add additional logins to the cart when you checkout. (For example, if you have 55 agents, select Level 2 that allows to 47 agents, then during checkout, add 8 additional agents at $3.50 each.)

3. Term is month-to-month. Two month minimum. The membership fee will be charged to your credit card monthly.

4. Select the level below that most closely matches your agent count, click "Subscribe," then add your mid-level additional agents.