RL25-7 Listing Presentation: Close and Commission

LeAnna Beat , Dec 09
“ So they have commission and marketing fee? ”

RL31-S2 Venus Morris Griffin Entire Presentation (Listing 2)

LeAnna Beat , Dec 09
“ Wendy never answered HOW they met her, she answered WHY they met her, because they were getting married and wanted to buy a house together. Why are the sellers not taking notes during her tour? Why is she not taking notes about their upgrades? ”

RL31-S1 Venus Morris Griffin Entire Presentation (Listing 1)

LeAnna Beat , Dec 09
“ Just wondering why the client did not call her about the lot they wanted to build on, since they were so fond of the Venus and she kept in touch. ”

KFT80 Agent Safety

Corina Blanco , Dec 09
“ Excellent advice. Thank you. ”