KFT106-2 Maximize Your Personal Professional Brand

Bryce Jones , Oct 28
“ Information presented is good, but very basic. As a required training program for an experienced, agent my expectations were much higher and had hoped I would hear a few suggestions for things I was not currently doing. Disappointed. ANSWER: I'm sorry that this video didn't meet your expectations. The good news is that you are already doing the things that Amber Rose suggested. You are ready for the methods presented by Bob Wolff in the RL08 series. ”

KFT60-2 Tutorial: Agent Business Plan for New Agents

Susan Brabender , Oct 28
“ nice ”

AP02 Introduction to New Agent Fast Start Action Plan

William Woodfin , Oct 28
“ Good info ”

RL09-S2 Russell Williams Listing Part 2 of 4

Angela Bodizs , Oct 28
“ I loved his presentation, honest and fair ”