KFT67-2 Top Producer Negotiates a Multiple Offer

Kim Schieldknecht , Nov 25
“ Great insights, Bob is right, half of the agents will not pick up the phone! He knows that the agent on the other side is his customer and not his enemy. ”

RL01-S1 New Agents: Getting Started with Prospecting

Kimberly Chamer , Nov 24
“ Need to learn what GRI and CRS courses are. Thank goodness that role playing isn't hard for me since I have been a teacher for 22 years. ”

KFT93 How Long Have You Been in the Business?

Kimberly Chamer , Nov 24
“ Can't wait to get started --- just need that first listing or buyer :) ”

KFT78 Top Producer Advice to New Agents

Kimberly Chamer , Nov 24
“ Sending the email know to ask my broker for a mentor (maybe he will be my mentor). ”