KFT92 Open House Follow Up

Lucy Peintner , Nov 26
“ Loved this! "I work with 4-5 buyers a month. They must be qualified to buy, ready to buy and ready to buy from me." I'm ashamed to admit I've been one of those Realtors who has said that I'd be available to show them as many homes as they needed to see. No more! :-) Thank you! ”

KFT62-2 Listing Lead Management, interview with CJ Gade, Part 2

Lucy Peintner , Nov 26
“ I had a light bulb moment when CJ said to not post Real Estate on your personal FB page, but to refer everyone to your Real Estate FB page when you do put something there. That's a wonderful idea and would help me do a better job of keeping that professional page more updated! Thank you! ”

QT09: Video Follow-Up Messages

Lucy Peintner , Nov 26
“ Great idea! I need to get more comfortable in front of the camera. This is a great way to get started! ”

MS02-2 Establish a Referral System

Toni Ladenheim , Nov 26
“ Love this one! ”