What is Real Estate Training?

David Knox Real Estate Training is an online video training system that gives real estate offices and their agents access to hundreds of training videos and downloadable support materials.

What topics does the training cover?

We provide videos on every aspect of the real estate business, for every skill level of agent. From first getting started and building your business, prospecting, open houses, listing presentations, and closing, you’ll find a video that meets your needs. Brokers/managers aren’t left out either, with comprehensive leadership content tackling recruiting, onboarding, sales meetings, building teams, and administration.



How often do you create new content?

We produce new videos EVERY MONTH! Videos and their support materials go live the first Tuesday of each month. The market is constantly changing, and we want to make sure our videos are relevant and current, providing the best practices being used TODAY.



How does it allow me to hold my agents accountable?

Designating admins on your account gives them access to user analytics including view counts, downloads and search history. In addition, you can create custom Action Plans that give your agents a direct path to follow, featuring videos and tasks, and reporting so you can monitor their progress.



What do I get with my subscription?

You get full access to all features of our website, including our video library, downloadable materials, user analytics, Action Plans, marketing materials to promote to your agents, and even live webinars with David Knox. You’ll also get access to our Knox Training mobile app, which lets you watch videos on the go.



What is your pricing structure?

Pricing is based on the number of agents in your company or office. Our pricing strategy has two goals: to be reasonable, and to be fair. We decided upon office size as the objective standard on which to base our prices. We know that not all of your agents will watch, and our pricing takes that into account. See our SUBSCRIPTIONS page for more on pricing.



How can I make use of the training?

Our content works for you in numerous ways, from setting an individual agent up on an Action Plan to showing groups of agents videos in a sales meeting or training session. Assign videos to agents who need help with a specific topic, create a custom Action Plan that gets new hires up to speed and ready to go, or brush up on your own leadership skills. Even use it as a recruiting tool to show potential hires the valuable training services you provide.




If you have any other questions, please contact us at info@davidknox.com or 952-835-4477