How do I know which PDF goes with the video? Every video starts with a series code (RL10-2). Each PDF begins with the same code. In future versions, we plan to make only the related PDFs link to the video.

Good way to use the PDFs: After opening the PDF outline for your chosen topic, reduce the window size and move it to the right of your screen. Then reduce the Player window so just the video shows and move it to the left. Now you can follow along in the outline while you're watching...and save a tree.

How do I fast forward? There is a small play-head leading a blue line that shows the progress of the video. You may drag it forward or backward and see the time code of your location. If you just started the video, you will have to wait for it to load in order to move forward.

My video screen is stuttering and I get a "buffering" message. We chose to post higher resolution video that is about 70% of the original size. The downside of this is that if you're on a lower bandwidth connection, it will want to play faster than it can download. This is more likely to occur on those USB wireless cards. We are working on a low-resolution option.

How do I find topics? Use the search tab to search for specific topics, titles and key words. I have coded every video with a series of key words to help you find what you're looking for. Type you word or words into the search tab and click search or hit Return.

Why are there product commercials in the Knox First Tuesday videos? In April 2008 I began offering these videos for free to all of my customers. As a means of paying for them, I included brief mention of the tools that applied to the topic. I left them in because the edits would be awkward...and actually, they really are good tools to know about. Now that they are part of the membership you're paying for, I'll exclude them future videos. I will provide a way for you to check out related tools at

How do I make suggestions for changes? Good question, glad I asked it myself. Please send your suggestions right to me; Put "RETdk Suggestion" in the subject line.